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grand kaiju golem robo T29 by gigastorm727 grand kaiju golem robo T29 :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 1 1 the old warbeak... by gigastorm727 the old warbeak... :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 2 0 warbeak's other space battleship, the Creusella by gigastorm727 warbeak's other space battleship, the Creusella :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 1 0 Creepy Wtf by gigastorm727 Creepy Wtf :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 3 0
my headcannon for the MLP universe
i dont normaly do headcannons cuz i suck at fanfiction, but i have this idea that the mane 6 in a distant past incarnation were all alicorn princesses representing the elements of harmony as well as each of them posessing the elements of power, courage and wisdom. however in a great cataclysm that befell equestia with an invasion of energy led by the chaos bringers, orchestrated by the mechanical transforming planetoid known as unicron from another universe. in order to save everyone they gave up their magic all except one trait and becoming one of the 3 races of ponies, 80% of their magic was used to create the tree of harmony which gave birth to the gems [like fruit] the elements of harmony. the other 20% was divided in half and shared between two princess alicorns celestia and luna, and they were made the new bearers of the harmony union energy, both posessing a little bit more of 3 elements of harmony in their energy makeup than the other [yin yang effect]. basicly this could fit w
:icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 1 3
the faceless mask by gigastorm727 the faceless mask :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 0 0 Giant Robo Motivational Poster by gigastorm727 Giant Robo Motivational Poster :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 0 0 giant green space submarine by gigastorm727 giant green space submarine :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 0 2 SS United States snapshot by gigastorm727 SS United States snapshot :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 0 0 eye in the clouds by gigastorm727 eye in the clouds :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 1 0 yin/yang fission/fusion reactor diagram by gigastorm727 yin/yang fission/fusion reactor diagram :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 1 0 SMILE!!! by gigastorm727 SMILE!!! :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 0 2 older drawing of caputos by gigastorm727 older drawing of caputos :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 2 4 space battleship atlantio by gigastorm727 space battleship atlantio :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 5 3 hand Drawn pencil Self Portrait by gigastorm727 hand Drawn pencil Self Portrait :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 1 0 i just dont even know... by gigastorm727 i just dont even know... :icongigastorm727:gigastorm727 0 4


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grand kaiju golem robo T29
in the distant future where people fight useing giant robots, the sun bomb energy core was unearthed in a desperate attempt to stop the fighting, new advanced materials were used in its construction allowing a far greater energy thresh-hold. his name is tetsujin 29, built on the foundations of the tetsujin project created by japan during ww2. with giant robo stolen by big fire and time of the essence before the virtualy incrackable code created by daisaku's late father, tetsujin 29 must go into action and eliminate all of big fire's mechs, including the speedy bird robot galuda, and the mighty robo of the sea with big muscles and thin armor, neptune.

~spoiler for the unwritten series~

it ends with daisaku not wanting to harm giant robo in the hands of big fire, awoken and in command of giant robo, giant robo fires his rocketo bazukara at T29, missing directly and taking off his left arm and shoulder, revealing the beating pulseing sun bomb energy core in his chest, daisaku then reasons with big fire, shareing all he knows in the most heart felt and mindful way possible, big fire comes to terms with himself and the world, and then both step down from their mechs, the game ending in an eternal truce.


so thats that. hope you like. for the record i like war machines, i just hate seeing things die. we should use giant mechs to built impressive things, not do stupid warship with them. 

this is cpt warbeak, over and out.
the old warbeak...
From back when he was more of a giant cyborg alien war project that decided to be good rather than destroy things. Nowadays the character has taken on a more draconic apearance and is a representation of my own soul and what i idealy see myself as.
warbeak's other space battleship, the Creusella
this ones slightly smaller, less technologicly complicated than the atlantio, and alot meaner, this one is the one warbeak uses when hes going to war. this one also has wheels which allow it to go on land. he generaly doesnt like useing this one and keeps it stashed away in the hanger of the atlantio along with a few other ships. hes only had to use it a few times and when he does he sends out a call to a group of fellow renegades who crew the ship. this ship has never lost a battle and often uses crude ramming attacks in conjunction with it's massive particle beam cannons and broadside batteries. this ship regularly uses a powerful attack in which it rams right into the side of another ship, usualy puncturing it's armor, structure and going right through, leaving the other ship dead and helpless. beware the Creusella, she may only be 260 meters long, but as yoda once said, size matters not.
tetsujin number 29
I have the first part of a giant robo ova fanfic sequal that goes with this that i need to rewrite due to lost data on a faulty hard drive which i'll get around to doing later, but for now heres a short summary and some specs.

the leader of big fire has awakened and operation gr is put into action,and giant robo is the key, big fire uses a hord of giant robots including neptune and that big bird one that i forget what its called to steal giant robo, along with daisaku and his watch to do their bidding, but daisaku is saved however however he looses his control watch to big fire who go to work on trying to crack the virtualy incrackable code developed by daisaku's late father. in the mean time the other big fire giant robots begin to terorrize the world city by city, and with the I.P.O's main defense giant robo at a loss things look grim. however there is a long kept secret that a relic from ww2 made with technology deemed to powerful and unstable to be alowed to exist was secretly kept hidden by the ipo even though it was thought to be destroyed, im speaking of the sun bomb energy drive hidden within the now rusting tetsujin 28's body kept deep in a secret war bunker [this corosponds with the 2007 tetsujin 28 Hakuchuu No Zangetsu movie's ending where tetsujin wasn't melted down at the foundry but was instead battered bandaged, and rusted from the exposion of a nuclear warhead] daisaku is asked by the now very old in shotaro kaneda to pilot the new giant robot being built with more modern robot technology and stronger aloy materials that are able to better withstand and contain the massive amount of energy that the sun bomb energy drive is capable of producing. daisaku accepts after some exchanged words with the elder shotoro and hes taken to the assembly hanger which shows the new giant robot which has been deemed the name tetsujin #29 since its the next robot to be built founded on the tetsujin developements started back in ww2. shotaro begins training for combat with the new robo in a simulator room in which he can practice with holographic 3d virtual models of tetsujin 29 and other models of giant robots. then the day comes that a winged robot is about to destroy a very important stronghold for the IPO, and even though daisaku isnt quite ready for combat yet, and not all of the testing and calibrations have been worked out of tetsujin 29 either, with no other robot allies nearby enough to back them up, they decide to send daisaku and tetsujin 29 into battle anyway. They land and the fight begins, no sooner had it started, and tetsuhjin 29 had landed the first punch which was so fast and with such force behind it, it tore through the other robot's stomach and the upper torso and the waist and legs separated into two halves, and debris went everywhere and the upper torso exploded in midair while tetsujin 29 remained virtualy untouched except for some minor scuffs on his punching hand, both sides on look in shock and the destroyed robot's accompanying group retreats and the majority of the I.P.O. workers cheer. however the few who know the past dread what kind of horror they've released back onto the world fearing it may have been better they'd left tetsujin 28 unearthed. and so begins the epic fanfiction of daisaku and tetsujin #29 and their mission to defeat big fire!!!

you like? i hope so ^^

anyways here are his specs:

hes 32 meters tall and has armour coverings about the same thickness as giant robo but made with a much more durable modern material that is very resistent to shock and cracks and at the same time is extremely hard and can tolerate extreme tempures both hot and cold without structural integrity damage, basically like a hyper version of steel. he has newly developed artificial muscle actuators that are larger and designed to work with large amounts of energy capable of extremely high torque and speed is ultimatly twice as strong as giant robo and about as strong physicaly as big fire's personal robot neptune, but with much higher defenses due to new and thicker armour [neptune having very large muscle actuators but relatively thin armour plating of a weaker material]. the body frame is also thick, rugged and made of of a alloy that resists intense shock impact while at the same time remaining hard and firm without warping or bending, and can resist huge amounts of force before any kind of warp damage occurs. tetsujin 29 has multiple copies of his central computer throughout his body so that even if several are destroyed he can still operate at full computation capacity. sensors are strung throughout the body like nerves and give a readout of damage to certain areas and display it on the control box which will give warning if there is too much force being exerted on a part of tetsujin 29 before it breaks so there is reaction time to get out of a situation before the part is damaged too bad to fight. tetsujin 29, like giant robo has a very comprehensive voice command system, designed to respond to all possible combinations of words and will act out upon them using it's own AI to accomplish the task, however tetsujin 29's voice command system is much more comprehensive than giant robo, as well as the AI being faster and more intelligent as well in real time battle problem solving so this opens up more possibilities for tactical maneuvers on the robot's part.

weapon system # 1
waist band capable of houseing multiple interchangeable armaments that can be deployed by calling out the weapon's port number, or armament type. there is an identifying number for each armament housing or he can just say which weapon to fire and at what target and tetsujin 29 will fire from bays useing that said weapon. missles, various types of round turrets and other kinds lasers or beams can be mounted in each port. calling out intensity levels can also be used with beams and lasers to signafy the intensity of the beam and how consentrated or powerful it will be. likewise with the turrents and cannons daisaku can say how many shots or just say fire or cease fire with the said weapon, and if all waist belt weapons are to be used the command, "all armaments fire" in which all the weapons contained in the weapon houseings will go off at once until exausted.

weapon system #2

tetsujin's 2nd weapon systems are in his fists in wich have gravity thrust rings embedded within the gauntlets that are used in his powered punch attack witch can be scalled in intensity levels from 1 to 20. at level 10 the power of the punch exedes the arm and fist's ability to withstand the impact of the hit, and the hand will begin to flatten and crumple after level 10, at higher levels of force the shockwaves created from the punch's impact may be enough to do internal damage to tetsujin 29's internal arm frame and mechanics so past level 10 theres going to be guarenteed repairs needed for that arm. ontop of that, there are electric discharge balls prodruding from the outside of the gauntlets which when activated can release massive amounts of electricity from them and create lightning powerful enough to fry another robot's mechanisms that arent properly sheiled from electrical attacks. this can be combined with regular punches to create a lightning punch, and with powered punch to create lightnig powered punch which will destroy nearly anything in it's path.

weapon system #3

the final weapon in tetsujin 29's arsenal...
a massive beam that taps directly into the sun bomb enegy drive's massive amount of potential power and releases a huge blast that at maximum power would be a beam with a concentrated power 5 times that of the tsar bomba nuclear bomb blast [the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated] in one concentrated beam. useing it at higher levels is a garenteed win, but will leave a large area of radioactive dead zone and tetsujin 29 is guarenteed to atleast need minor repairs and cannon system replacement due to the sheer energy and stress exerted on the frame and cannon components [similar to big o's final stage, where the cannon becomes fryed and unusable after firing]. at medium levels, tetsujin 29 will need a few minits minits to cool down, recharge, and restart the systems back to full operating levels and be able to attack again, however he can still remain mobile in order to dodge and avoid attacks from anything that may have survived the blast. On lower setings its still incredibly powerful and only needs a few seconds to a minit to refesh itself, tetsujin 29 can remain fighting with little performance decrease on any of his moves such as the lightning powered punch.

overall tetsujin 29 is a vast improvement to giant robo but only because of the sunbomb power core technology, if it wasnt for that it would only be as good as any other modern giant robot of similar size within the giant robo story plot settings. the potential of energy that the sun bomb energy is far beyond the bounds of other energy generation systems, its only limitation is finding suitable materials strong enough to contain the sun bomb's proscess for creating energy. as time goes on and new materials are discovered, the power of the sun bomb technology will also grow with it.

but anyway, thats my story behind this drawing, i tried to take the tetsujin 28 design and redo him in the 90s giant robo OVA steampunk armor clad giant rivets style and I think it turned out well, definatly sloppilly done but i wasnt going for anything to well done, but i liked it enough to post here and make a story out of, thanks for reading if you got this far, be sure to leave a comment, and thanks for veiwing :D

note: this is also a possible reality in the year 32XX, this timeline that i am writing this in. i will be there as the 40 foot tall psychic mechasaurus independant-minded golem known as warbeak pandragon, i will be of a breed of robots capable of houseing a full fledged consious and aware soul. i will be there... will you?


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